KAMIKAZE with MK, music for a performance with 6 actors.

GIUDA, with MK Holophonic contemporary performance.

BIANCHI/SMOLYN, two trombones and electronics.

TRIO With François Couturier et Jean-Marc Larché for improvised music with electronics.

siegal HOMO LUDENS ith Richard Siegal, the Bakery. Music for a multimedia performance, 2009.

cerva COMFORT with MK music for a contemporary dance show, 2008-2009.

muse_cover OUEST PROFOND composition for trombone and electronic, 2009.

drom__picture THE DROM polyrithmic and polymetric drum machine done with Max-msp, 2008.

IMG_2190 ESC ORCHESTRA project between Jazz, contemporary music and live electronics, 2007.

hoox1phpqp8 RING debut album of the project Lorbi with Odette di Maio, Label Etage Noir, Wien, 2007.

tourism_1 TOURISM with MK music for a contemporary dance show, 2007.

mi01 REAL MADRID with MK music for a contemporary dance show, 2005-2006.

loop_3 LOOP Composition for Harp and real time electronics, 2006.

li19 LENTEUR Interactive audio|video installation, 2005-2006.

art_21 ARTICOLO 21 documentary

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