©oPirates is an artistic experiment that is by turn performance and party, dance and interactive experience. By bringing together professional and amateur performers, and inviting spectators to share the stage, ©oPirates embarks upon an exploration of community

How do we create a sense of partnership? What are the limits of sharing? How do we translate our knowledge, to communicate or transpose everything from essential ideas to complex movements?

©oPirates brings a unique, festive performance to each new venue. By rallying together dancers, artists and groups as diverse as Parkour and the Pirate Party, traditional folk dancers, roller skaters and Lindy Hop adepts, ©oPirates best resembles what could be called a “philosophical party.”

The music is a mix of contents that i find in each new venue. I collaborate with a lot of differents groups who perfom different kind of music (traditional, electronic, dance, hip hop…) and i compose a music starting from all the inputs they give me

I create eventually a sort of multi layered music with elements coming from different places, sometimes very far from each other.

we perform ©o PIrates in a lot of different places, in Germany, Russia, Egypt.

here’s a link to the youtube channel of ©opirates crew, enjoy.